“Handstamped Ultramar by the Portuguese archives. Only known Proof unique example”. A frase é retirada de um leilão da Internet onde este apelidado “postal raríssimo” está à venda por 1200 dólares como base de licitação. Segue-se a descrição do artigo em leilão na íntegra:
The item listed above is from an original Postal archive distributed by the UPU to its member nations for the period from approx. 1899 thru to 1942. Receiving authority specimens are of Philatelic importance as they provide confirmatory evidence that these were in fact distributed by the UPU. The best known Receiving authority specimen is the ‘ULTRAMAR’ handstamp applied either in violet or in blue to UPU distributions sent to the Portuguese Ministry for the colonies during the period 1895-1910 and all those distributed were applied with protective markings. The earliest issues are handstamped “ULTRAMAR”. In 1925 handstamped as COLONIAS in 1927-31 as ESPECIMEN IN 1932-39 as SPECIMEN and 1939-42 as AMOSTRA. These are extremely difficult to obtain and most of them are unique in todays world.
These Ultramar Overprints are recorded in Marcus Samuel’s book on UPU Specimens and have also been recorded by the experts in UK. Similar Ultramar overprints on stamps have appeared in auctions in the past few years by reputed auction houses.”